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Civil Knot

2004 Popular Vote By County.  Red indicates Republican & Blue indicates Democrat.
No longer the 1860s style blue versus grey civil war. Today's civil war is red versus blue and less civil.
Mr. Bush won a second term by 3.5 million votes, becoming the first president since Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 to gain re-election while picking up seats in both houses of Congress. In the Senate, the Democratic leader was defeated and Republicans widened their lead to 10 seats from two.
Mr. Bush won despite nearly unanimous opposition of the media. It was a genuine triumph of American ideals. Europeans should be wise enough to recognize that its effects are tangible and it will likely grow. The Republican party of Ronald Reagan continues to consolidate its power among new Americans and traditional minorities.
Force of Good
The media, yesterday's allies in business with terrorists, the weenies afraid to retaliate for 9/11, the anti-Republicans, the virulent haters, Boss Springsteen's groupie rock tour, the Michael Moore liars, the less well educated who cannot think, the youth who have not yet learned to think, and the "I just hate Bush because I hate my life and I'm so damned negative" group prodded by the billionaire George Soros' money joined together to try to defeat President Bush. They huffed and puffed for months and months.
Still President Bush was re-elected. He won the popular vote by approximately 3.6 million. Bush received an all-time record high number of popular votes.
The civilized world continues to have its safety ensured by a majority of Americans. The United States of America and all people everywhere who believe in liberty, freedom, individualism and peaceful coexistence should celebrate.
"You hear all that and you can understand why somebody would make a face."
Four years of being called names by low caliber reporters, political hacks, and ordinary nobodies...
Three years of being on the front line leading the charge against the enemy in the global War Against Terrorism, energizing the economy, and handling all those thousands of issues that confront the president of the United States...
How might any of us react? How might you hold up? Would you fight to win another four years of service to the American people?
Strong, Competent, Qualified To Be President
Mr. President
If President Bush had failed to get reelected it would have been more for his lack of visibility than for any lack of accomplishment.
The president has been effectively waging the War Against Terrorism, building and holding together the global coalition for self-protection, as well as establishing the new government Department of Homeland Security, already employing well over 100,000. This new department is reworking and reforming a collection of intelligence and national security agencies into one information-sharing defense unit.
In a campaign as nasty, complex and surrounded by as much fear as this presidential election was, it was easy for his opponents to simply list all that needs to be done and has not yet been completed by the Bush administration.
Anyone who has run a company, managed a department, or even been assigned to manage a small group understands the various and great difficulties involved in successfully completing a task, let alone the project.
Imagine what is required to be president in the aftermath of that most severe attack against the US, managing all existing operations, working to make improvements in several economic, social, environmental, immigration, taxation, employment and other areas.
Imagine doing all of that work with half the Congress working against most projects much of the time.

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Coup d'Etat
John Kerry has nothing to lose. He had a plan. Will may attempt to use it. The American people, American democracy, and respect for American ideals are at stake. Kerry was preparing to demonstrate his complete disregard for all these. The post-election Kerry has made the correct decision. He conceded to the facts.
What It Took: Ohio's two senators, George V. Voinovich and Mike DeWine, issued a statement asking Kerry to concede Ohio. They reasoned he could not collect enough votes to overcome his deficit and said, "Senator Kerry should concede defeat and spare the country the turmoil of another drawn-out election."
As Kerry's tactics have demonstrated since his swift boat cowardice, his maneuvers are simple. His old plot called for him to declare victory on November 3, if the election had been close.
In a close election, Kerry had contemplated making a quick declare victory on election night and then defending his position. He planned to name a national security team before it could have been determined whether or not he was actually victorious.
Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said, "The first thing we will do is make sure everybody has an opportunity to vote and every vote is counted. We will be ready to hit the ground running and begin a fresh start in this country, given that so many critical issues are before us."
Six "SWAT teams" of political operatives with lawyers will be positioned across the country ready with jet planes awaiting Kerry's orders to rush out to a battleground. Teams have been ordered to be prepared to fly anywhere on election night to mount legal and political fights. Every team will be within an hour of a battleground.
Kerry's operatives had offices in every battleground state. Their plans are detailed down to the identifying count of staplers and coffee machines needed.
Days before the election Democrats were laying the public relations groundwork by pointing to every possible voting irregularity even before election day and accusing Republicans of wrongdoing.
Michael Whouley, Kerry confidant, running election operations at the Democratic National Committee said, "Right now, we have 10,000 lawyers out in the battleground states on Election Day, and that number is growing by the day." While the lawyers litigate, political operatives will try to shape public perception.
The United States has filled military ranks with volunteers for several years. In fact, quotas for all branches of the service have been satisfied totally by volunteers.
John Kerry has concocted the campaign notion that President Bush may be planning to start a military draft when re-elected. President Bush has denied this contrived story.
Under President Bush's leadership the patriotic spirit of young Americans has been adequate to build our strong military. Without a draft, the US has enough volunteers to fill its military.
It may be expected that with Kerry sitting as commander-in-chief, volunteering could drop by 10% to 15%.
The irony is that President Bush does not need a draft. Kerry would likely need a draft to keep his ranks full.
Gay By ____
During the third presidential debate,  CBS' Bob Schieffer asked:
"Both of you are opposed to gay marriage. But to understand how you have come to that conclusion, I want to ask you a more basic question. Do you believe homosexuality is a choice?" Each man's response follows.
President Bush:   "You know, Bob, I don't know. I just don't know. I do know that we have a choice to make in America and that is to treat people with tolerance and respect and dignity."
Senator Kerry:   "We're all God's children, Bob. And I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was, she's being who she was born as. I think if you talk to anybody, it's not choice...."
Again demonstrating his inability to manage and control his own campaign, John Kerry has chosen new advisors, reshuffled is campaign staff and management, and caused internal divisive, contentious wheel spinning.
The nation cannot afford Kerry's inept leadership. His selections of cabinet positions, federal and Supreme Court justices, his inept management of the economy, military, healthcare, his daily decisions would inhibit the nation's strength.
No first lady here.
Teresa Heinz Kerry reacted negatively to the title of first lady during an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine.
Designer Kenneth Cole conducted the interview. He asked Heinz Kerry about her feeling toward the term first lady. Heinz Kerry said, ``Ick. There will be a first man one of these days, a first gent, I hope. First lady, I don't know. I always said having three sons, two male dogs and my late husband, I was the only first lady at my house.''
Kerry campaigning via 757
Jill Zuckman reveals in the Chicago Tribune:
"Who knows what lurks in the heart and mind of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry? Not the traveling press corps, that's for sure. Kerry has been under wraps for the last month, declining to subject himself to what must surely be the painful process of answering national reporters' questions. Kerry used to regularly assure his audiences that, if elected president, he would hold a press conference every month to communicate with the nation's citizenry."
"But Kerry doesn't make that promise anymore . . .Kerry travels across the country on a 757 airplane packed with staff, Secret Service agents, reporters, photographers and cameramen. The candidate sits at the front of the plane while the media stay in the back. Usually, reporters can get a glimpse of his gray mane when he stands in the aisle chatting with staff. Occasionally, he throws around a football on the airport tarmac, sometimes inviting a reporter to join in. But ask him a question and Kerry shakes his head, puts up his hand and walks away with a small smile. Perhaps he just doesn't want to answer questions about his Vietnam service, about why he recently shook up his campaign staff and about whether he's worried about losing."
Only An Idiot
Mrs. John Heinz Kerry speaks out on healthcare.

Left: Mr. & Mrs. greet the electorate after thinking about their healthcare needs.

She stated "only an idiot" would fail to support the health care plan proposed by my husband. Only an idiot wouldn't like this,'' Teresa Heinz Kerry told the Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, PA. She went on to say, "Of course, there are idiots."
She apparently fails to recall that the electorate remembers Bill and Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan. It helped them get elected in 1992. Their plan went nowhere after their election and accomplished nothing for Americans.
Teresa continued, "I don't have to sell it -- the people want it. The common man doesn't look at me as some rich witch. I talk about what I see. It has always been so. You judge people not by their pocketbook but by their actions. Walk the walk."
Only an idiot would think she knows the electorate so well after being raised in Mozambique, schooled in Europe, living the life of Mrs. John Heinz for decades, surviving on the multi-billion dollar Heinz fortune, married to John Kerry... and never needing to really work for a living.
Winning Redefined
It depends what the meaning of "win" is. Politicians and statesmen debate while war rages.
Winning the War Against Terrorism is different than winning the Cold War. Muslim fanatics combine primitive methods with modern technologies.
Muslim fanatics changed the rules of engagement. Their methods involve: 1.) All people at home or anywhere on all territory, territorial extensions and assets of their enemy are eligible for attack, and, 2.) All methods, technologies, and modes are eligible tools of war. Their war materiel includes any object, from box cutter to spent nuclear fuel, viruses, chemicals including poison gases and special mixtures of everyday salts and fertilizers. Their means of delivery includes everything from car, airplane, women strapped with explosives and more.
This enemy targets women, children, men, homeland civilian infrastructures, offices and homes, extended sovereignty bases such as embassies, individuals and businesses operating on foreign soil. This enemy has an unlimited supply of weapons, human suicide drones, and both low and high tech weaponry from gasoline to explosives, poisons, chemicals, and radioactive materials.
Every inch of territory, every person of any age, all resources are threatened by today's enemy. The enemy is dispersed and will never be finitely identified, rounded up, imprisoned or killed. He will always exist, may go dormant for periods, but will always be preparing to spring back to kill and destroy.
The War Against Terrorism requires new tactics and strategies to win. Some people may long for the simple stand off and eventual clear cut wins that were affected by W.W.II and the Cold War, but those easy times are past.
A win in the War Against Terrorism is defined as causing the enemy enough discomfort on its homeland to force it to shrivel and wither. That is not likely since there are so many potential enemy combatants who see no futures other than to fight to kill or die. We would be naive to expect this enemy to do as the Nazis and Japanese did after W.W.II. This enemy will not stop fighting, get educated, build an economy, and produce Mercedes and Toyotas. It will fight to its death or ours.
Not Good
There is something rotten in the state of the United States when the best candidates the Democratic Party can find are John Kerry and John Edwards.
John Kerry, a Viet Nam veteran who served four-months in the combat theatre and whose actions and events surrounding his service are in question, is unable to stand up forthrightly and defend his service record. He served 20 years as senator from Massachusetts, but rarely discusses his years in Congress or claims to have accomplished anything in particular in his Senate years. He is not qualified to be president of the Unites States.
John Edwards is a personal injury lawyer who made millions of dollars during a brief career and then served in the Senate for 5 years. He is not qualified to be president of the United States.
Endorsement of candidates is an old fashioned notion. It accomplishes little other than to announce what candidates a publication favors. It usually follows along party lines or is provoked for some special interest cause. This publication does not endorse or attack candidates of one party, organization or position for any cause. It works to identify important issues and candidates' stands on those issues.
However, the Democratic Party has chosen to put up presidential and vice presidential candidates who cannot be endorsed.


Serving all constituents wisely is the objective of running for political office.
Candidates worthy of being president of the United States of America or serving in Congress should be able to raise issues, present options, identify solutions, debate why those solutions are capable of being implemented and achieving success.
Candidates might even win by being honest and open rather than attempting to tear down their opponents.
To John Kerry: The men you served with in Vietnam claim that you lied about your service. Why do you continue to refuse to sign the form that would release your military records to the public?
Wouldn't your military records substantiate your claims of being a hero? What do you know is in those records that you want held secret? 30 years ago you, John Kerry, threw away your medals and called your fellow servicemen murderers, rapists, baby killers and cowards before Congress, all Americans, and thereby aided the enemy in its efforts to torture and undermine the morale of Americans being held in Vietnam's prisons. Release your records to show that -- as you claimed 30 years ago -- you would be the next JFK.
Johnny One Note
The Kerry campaign said it is focusing on mistakes made with Iraq.

Kerry is repeating his anti-Viet Nam war tactic in order to take this election.

Kerry is again demonstrating his willingness to damage the nation and hurt troop morale. He wants to be a divisive force that will undoubtedly give comfort to our enemies. He is willing to demonstrate weak resolve to our allies who have relied upon the United States for strength and leadership in the global War Against Terrorism.
He is even willing to weaken his future potency as president should he win.
John Kerry is using the same method today that he used upon his return from Viet Nam. When he returned home over 30 years ago he worked to demoralize the soldiers and sailors he left behind after his 4 month tour of duty. They were still fighting for their lives and country. Today he is just as willing to damage the soldiers, sailors, the administration, and the United States' global respect.
If he becomes president, who will volunteer to fight with John Kerry as commander in chief?
Voting Colorblind
Jesse Jackson joined the John Kerry campaign.
A Pew Research poll showed black support for Kerry falling to 73%. Al Gore won 90% of the black vote in 1990. Jackson was a senior adviser and appeared in battleground states.
Questions, regardless of the magnitude of the issue: aides say Kerry inquires about details. Then he gyrates unable to make decisions. Often he discards the fruits of his aides' efforts.
Reportedly Kerry demands that aides gather information he claims to need before he can go out to lecture his public. Then, like one of those inept managers that most of us have worked for at one time or another, he seldom uses the info.
Aides say that Kerry spent four weeks contemplating a design for his campaign logo. He consulted advisers regarding which type font to select. And then more time and effort was put into the idea of using a flag or not using a flag.
Kerry's ideas lack originality. It was his idea to attack Bush on gun control the day after the assault weapon ban expired. It was his idea to attack Cheney on his Halliburton connection.
Kerry has been a senator with a staff of approximately 60. That is hardly a job wherein one develops management skills. Instead, the staff researches, develops info, hands it to him if he decides to show up for work on the senate floor. Kerry has never had a management job.
Certainly not fit to command. Definitely not fit to manage. Perhaps fit to be an accountant. Probably best suited to be a lawyer --- he could use his nastiness, demand voluminous facts, distort the details, and confuse jury members.
2S, 2D, 4F, & More
Today 43% of the military serving in Iraq is National Guard. In the Viet Nam era, the National Guard was a smaller portion of the total active duty force. National Guard units were eligible for activation at any time. Active forces were composed of draftees, career enlisted men and officers, and supplemented with National Guard unit activations.
In the late 1960s and 1970s young men from every strata of American society were being drafted into military service and very likely sent to Viet Nam following basic training.
Read more about the National Guard during the Viet Nam years.
Kerry Rides Viet Nam High For His Own Gain Again
John Kerry knew his military record was flawed. Yet with disregard for the American people, he forced another divisive issue upon us.
Kerry knew there were valid criticisms surrounding the integrity of his actions during his four month Viet Nam tour and his early return home. He knew over 250 of his fellow sailors who served with him in Viet Nam had documented their experiences with him. He knew their book was about to be released and it identified his phony and shortened Viet Nam tour, his seditious anti-war activities following his return home, and his meeting with the North Viet Namese officials in Paris while still an officer in the US Navy. Kerry knew that the facts surrounding his military record would be revealed by 254 swift boat sailors who served with him in Viet Nam and who now insist he is unfit to be president. He knew that the media would analyze his record and expose him. He knew his opponents would review his record. He knew that he would be forced to defend his record in one of those unending media trials so prevalent these days.
Knowing all that, he certainly must have understood the contentious and divisive impact such a review would have upon the American people. But, knowing all that, the self-serving John Kerry demonstrated total disregard for the American people. He insisted upon making his four month Viet Nam tour the centerpiece of his campaign. We are coming to know John Kerry well enough to see that he is unfit to be president of the United States.
Moore Class
Imagine your sister or daughter brought Michael Moore, her new boy friend, home for holiday dinner. Would that add or detract from the holiday spirit?
Tax Cuts Create Jobs & Allow Consumers To Buy
Tax $ >>> Tax $   =  Jobs + Consumer $

= $ Tax Revenue $

Tax cuts caused US economic expansion, job growth & domestic job containment.
President Bush had the courage and ability to force tax cuts through Congress. As a result, the economy is growing and business is hiring. When taxes are cut, businesses hire people, build factories and buy equipment. More people earn wages and can buy consumer goods and services. Government may actually collect more money after a tax cut than before.
President Bush, like presidents Reagan & Kennedy, demonstrated that tax cuts most often result in economic growth.
How To Vote
Please identify three (3) issues that John Kerry will truly improve if he becomes president.
Show Time
Kerry carried an 8-mm home movie camera with him around Vietnam so he could record his war exploits. The clips debuted during Kerry's acceptance at the DNC convention.
If he had stayed in Viet Nam for his full term instead of arranging to get sent home after only 4 months, we might have more images. Kerry was posing and filming while other men were fighting and dying. Kerry's show time has been a long time in the planning.
How Angry?
George Soros has said that he is willing to spend his entire fortune -- perhaps $7 billion -- to get George Bush voted out of office.
What could make any rational person so angry... and desperate?
Teresa Heinz Kerry is making more headlines than her husband, the candidate. Why? Where are John Kerry's planks... and a platform?
Anger On The Left
0>|<0 Did you ever wonder why so many people on the left are so angry and refuse to listen to people with different opinions?
Could it be that they are unsure of the ramifications of their opinions? Do they feel a subtle trepidation about the results of 40 years of forced equality, limited ability to make decisions about who to hire, fire, speak to and being mandated to guard every word so as to not offend any person of any gender or race or anything and end up in court?
No.... They just don't like to think too much about these conflicting ideals that have been pushed too far.
Don't be concerned. Time will help them. There is a tendency for people to think as they age. That is why older voters tend to be more conservative than younger voters.

Does anyone believe that anyone is truly undecided about who to vote for in the 2004 presidential election?
Yes           No, of course not             


Kerry's military record exposes his character and demonstrates his plotting, self-serving nature.
Since his teenage years, when Kerry dated Jackie Kennedy's half-sister and received an invitation to sail on JFK's yacht with the president and his family, John Kerry maneuvered to associate with the wealthy and powerful. Although he is one-quarter Jewish, Kerry has publicly practiced Catholicism and never openly acknowledged his Jewish heritage until forced to.
The plotting, self-serving and maneuvering we witness in Kerry's private and public acts are motivated and guided by his single-minded objective: His ascendance to wealth and power. This goal explains Kerry's military service record and his wobbling, weak positions as a US Senator. He is always testing political winds to see which way to swing on issues to best suit his long-range plan.
Kerry received four (4) student deferments. His request for a fifth deferment to study in Paris was refused. Knowing he would likely be drafted into the army, Kerry volunteered for the navy. He selected swift boat service which to that point had not seen combat. However, shortly after his enlistment, swift boats were assigned to patrol Viet Nam's combat zones.
On his combat tour of 4 months he incurred three minor scrapes -- one accidentally self-inflicted. He whined about these minor injuries so he could apply for three purple hearts. He knew there was a policy which allowed sailors to request reassignment from combat duty if they received three purple hearts. He used his three purple hearts to escape from combat duty.
Kerry saved the life of one shipmate and killed a wounded enemy teenager by shooting him in the back as he ran away.
Over 250 of Kerry's fellow sailors who served with him and knew him when he served his 4 months in Viet Nam claim that he was a faker of minor injuries and not a team player. He betrayed them and all military men and women when he used his purple hearts to take an early out of combat, come home, and actively protest the war they were still honorably fighting in good faith. His high profile war protests included testimony before congress wherein he condemned the work many soldiers and sailors remained engaged in. He accused them of committing war atrocities either on orders or of their own volition.
Kerry turned and ran from the enemy. In the midst of his Viet Nam tour of duty, rather than stay and fight with 3 purple hearts and perhaps earn more, he aggressively maneuvered to get transferred out of the combat zone. Even if there were no fakery, his actions amount to a contrived use of a loophole to turn and run from combat, leaving his fellow sailors behind. He used a policy loophole to get transferred out of the combat zone. He was transferred out after only 4 months, rather than serving the normal one year tour of duty.
Kerry would have demonstrated better character and honor if he had taken another legitimate option available at the time. He, as thousands of men, could have chosen to join the National Guard. National Guard units then, as we see today, are subject to activation and combat duty. But he's a grandstander, so he had to imitate a genuine combat tour of duty.
Now let's move on. Kerry needs to talk about what he accomplished in his 20 years in the US Congress.
Carry His Own Weight?
Kerry made an issue of, and chose to stand on his military performance. His chosen issue is open to others' legitimate analysis.
The book, Unfit To Command, identifies through interviews with men who served with Kerry, facts surrounding events that allowed Kerry to request a transfer out of the Viet Nam combat zone after only 4 four months, when most men served a year or more.
Kerry's fellow sailors united after decades to present facts as they know them. They came out at this time to inform the American people that Kerry conspired and faked 3 purple heart awards; he was not ever hospitalized or did he lose time in sick bay. Kerry wrote up his own injury reports in the fog of war. He apparently knew the 3 purple hearts and you're out of Viet Nam rule and used it to gain early (safe) release. Also, there are questions raised surrounding his shooting of a wounded teenage Viet Namese soldier in the back and related activities involved with his writing of the report which resulted in his being awarded the Silver Star.
His fellow veterans are united, there are many of them, and their story is plausible. In fact, Kerry's campaign staff is now admitting that his first purple heart may actually have been mistakenly self-inflicted.
There is an aspect more important than the fact that Kerry might actually have conspired to do such a despicable series of acts.
That is that John Kerry is having great difficulty explaining and defusing the issue of his purple hearts and Silver Star medal. If he has this much trouble handling and defusing this issue, how well might he deal with the North Koreans, Muslim terrorists, German and French politicians, Russia's Putin, the multiplicity of global hot spots, economic issues, and domestic problems?
Kerry is complaining to some Senator-friends. He has sent at least one, Senator Max Cleland, to Bush's home in Crawford, demanding that Bush issue orders to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth group to stop their anti-Kerry ads. Apparently Kerry cannot defend himself with facts. If this is how he would handle Muslim extremists, let's hope if elected Kerry develops some guts.
Kerry is refusing to answer reporters' questions about his service. He has sent out his lawyers to file protests against the veterans who are exercising their free speech rights to identify Kerry's actions in the theatre of battle. He is choosing legal charges against those raising questions rather than choosing to stand up forthrightly and defend his service record.
What If?
Imagine you have a great office, but your work position -- whatever it may be -- requires a multi-year contract that is up for renewal.
In order to have your contract renewed you must identify your accomplishments and your plans for your next term. You must present, discuss and debate with your employer facts and details regarding your work performance over recent years.
But, there are some personal factors affecting your decision to renew your contract. In fact, you are considering not renewing your contract. First, you do not need the money. Second, your boss and some coworkers have unceasingly been calling you names. They have called you stupid, even though you earned an MBA from Harvard and have substantial experience in your field. They accuse you of making bad decisions even though they know little about your job, its daily tasks, or any of the very secret information which only you knew and used to make the decisions others now call incorrect -- but that you had courage enough to make.
Would you choose to fight and convince these name calling, ill-thinking people... to renew your contract... for several years? Would you want to suffer the personal, mean-spirited, nasty, contentious daily attacks for years more?
Likely, since you don't need the money, the job doesn't really pay well, and you could make more money by changing jobs, you might choose to move on. You may choose to get a different job where you would be more appreciated, suffer less ridicule, and could work less and receive more perks.
Unless, that is, if you were George W. Bush you might move on. If GWB decided that he had enough of the name-calling and derisive treatment, he might do just that. But GWB is concerned for the future of his nation and knows he has made optimal decisions most of the time. Perhaps Americans are more fortunate than they realize.
Hot Heat
John Kerry's campaign is asking the publisher of Unfit For Command to stop the book's distribution. They dislike accusations about Kerry's military service from a group of Viet Nam vets who served with him. Banning books is one step from book burning.
Banning books is not what Americans, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and everything Americans have fought and died for believe in. The book, Unfit For Command, was written by veterans who served with Kerry in Viet Nam. The book raises questions and documents, through interviews with numerous veterans, issues regarding Kerry's 4 month Viet Nam service and surrounding the awarding of his purple hearts. It is the three purple hearts which permitted Kerry to obtain a transfer out of Viet Nam, which shortened his tour of duty to just 4 months from the standard tour most others had to endure.
Islamic extremist terrorists are unbounded, ruthless killers with long-range plans to exterminate Americans. Americans must have decisive and determined leadership.
If Kerry cannot tolerate, rebuff with substantive facts, and defend himself through this situation, is he fit to lead the American people? Is he fit to command today's genuinely brave American soldiers through the upcoming years of the War Against Terrorism?
I'm a vet. Vote for me.

I'm a vet. Vote for me.

I'm a vet. Vote for me.

What? There are men still alive who served with me and they dare to identify facts and details surrounding my 4 months in combat.
I can't shut them up. They won't stop identifying facts. The records I filled out to qualify myself for purple hearts and the Silver Star are being questioned. My diary says things I wish it didn't.
I'm a vet. Vote for me.
Taxing Thought
We are witnessing the end of a recession that started in 2000. A major event of the years 2002 and 2003 were the implementation of tax cuts at the federal level.
Economists can directly attribute today's recovery to those tax cuts.
You may be wealthy, you may be poor, you may be in business, but most people have benefited from the economic recovery.
Why would anyone want to raise taxes?
Only a politician trying to get the votes of those people who do not understand that tax cuts stimulate wealthy people to invest, businesses to expand and hire, and consumers to buy more goods and services.
Angry poor folk who don't understand this relationship think they are hurting the wealthy when taxes increase. Ironically they are only hurting themselves by reducing job opportunities.

After the mean, nasty, distorted, uncaring, uninformed, partisan, lying attacks and yelling have effectively fractured, divided, and ripped apart our culture making progress and comfortable living impossible, where will you go to live?

           I hope to remain free in the USA ...   Or,
           I will move to:



These People Wanted John Kerry To Be Your President. Why?

Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr

bin_Laden_hand_up_cropped.jpg (7162 bytes)
bin Laden

Saddam Hussein

Shaikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi,
Egyptian cleric

Michael Moore

Whoopi Goldberg
They are rooting for Kerry so they can more easily win the War Of Terrorism they are waging against you, your family, your business & your nation.
The global War Against Terrorism will not end if we quit or make nice-nice with the French and Germans who are manipulating war events for themselves.
Terrorism will end only when we finish the fight that the terrorists picked with us officially on 9/11/2001.
George W. Bush survey
You know Bush.
You've observed him on the job, working under strain & attack from all sides.
<  Surveys  >
Flash:  Kerry announced his Misery Index. That seems perfect for a guy with such a dour & mournful attitude. Do we want a depressing person lecturing, instructing & finger pointing in the White House?
Is This Legal?
John Kerry, August, 2004:  "You're going to find us working."
Kerry's remarks at a campaign event, Cleveland, OH, July 7, 2004 included:
"So here's what we're going to fight for, and we're going to fight for it every single day, not just through this election, but from the day we win until the day we raise our hands and every day thereafter. You're not going to have to look for us on vacation. You're going to find us working for America."
The AP reports that John Kerry missed more than 80% of the Senate votes this year.

Bush's tax cuts worked.  Bush's tax cuts & fiscal policies caused economic growth, domestic job growth & containment.  Thanks to Bush's courage to force tax cuts through Congress, the economy is growing.  President Bush, like presidents Reagan & Kennedy, demonstrated that tax cuts often result in economic growth.

US Economic Recovery Snapshot For 2004

Job Growth Soars To 4 Year High -- Factory Orders Jump -- Service Industry Reaches Record High -- Productivity Up -- Employment Up -- Importing & Exporting Reach New Highs -- The Invigorated Economy Shows Signs of Controllable Inflation -- US Business Investment & Hiring Up -- GDP Up -- Unexpectedly Strong Job Growth In May -- Industrial Production Surged To A 6 Year High In May -- May New Home Sales Surge To 11 Year Record -- Consumer Confidence Up To A 2-Year High -- Lowest New Jobless Claims Since October, 2000 -- Sales & Prices of Existing Homes at New Record Highs -- Consumer confidence rose again in July for the fourth straight month -- Unemployment Rate Drops To 5.5% -- 11 Consecutive Months Of Job Growth -- Factory Production at a 3-Year High -- Factory order grew by 1.3 percent in July following a 1.2 percent advance in June -- CPI declined 0.1% in August -- 377,000 new jobs in October.

A Question Of Military Service

Proven Under Fire

Immigration Policy Recommended:  Build a better fence.

But is it practical in today's era of mass global transportation?

You need a bandwagon to jump on.  Why the stupid one?

What are your credentials to judge, you smartee pants?

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